International Sushi: Best Sushi Restaurant in the World

Although at the beginning it took us a while to open up towards Japanese cuisine, and raw fish did not entice us much, it is undeniable that Japanese cuisine makes its way with ever increasing strength in our gastronomy and daily life. AIRPAZ brings you the opportunity to get the taste of the best restaurants in the world!

The highlight of Japanese cuisine is undoubtedly sushi, which incorporates different varieties of foods based on rice, raw fish (sashimi) and algae. We like this recipe so much that now we all know how to distinguish a Nigiri from a Maki. On the occasion of World Sushi Day, we have selected our favorite sushi restaurants. It was not at all easy to draft this TOP 8 (especially by selecting a single name for Japan), but we let ourselves be guided by aspects such as the quality of the ingredients, the position and the attempt to get as close as possible to Japanese culture.

Tokyo – Sukiyabashi Jiro

The first on the list could not be a really Japanese restaurant. This is the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro. This small restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo, the master sushi Jiro Ono, has only ten seats and no less than three Michelin stars. On his site you will find valuable advice on the correct way to eat sushi, with which drink to accompany it and how to use soy sauce.

New York – Masa

If you are in New York, you can try the Masa restaurant sushi. Keep in mind, however, that you will need to arm yourself with a good deal of cash, as this award-winning restaurant is considered the most expensive in New York and one of the most expensive in the world. Chef Masa Takayama opened the doors of this restaurant in 2004 and in a few years had an incredible success, so much so that in 2009 he received three Michelin stars thanks to his delicate cuisine and the purity of his philosophy.

London – Kiku

In the Mayfair district of London we find the Kiku restaurant. Among the many Japanese restaurants in the English capital, we like Kiku for the quality of its ingredients always fresh and for its cuisine that respects the oldest Japanese traditions, even if in a simple and modern. It opened its doors in unsuspecting times, in 1978, when the sushi still did not go out of fashion. One of the most pleasant aspects is the kindness of its staff.

Cologne – Kintaro

In Germany, the most famous Japanese restaurant is probably Kintaro. This little gem of Japanese cuisine is located in the city of Cologne and was founded in 1988 by Chef Takusaburo Arakawa. There are many loyal customers of this restaurant, where you can see how they prepare dishes in front of your eyes.

Barcelona – Koy Shunka

According to many people, the best sushi in Spain is in Barcelona, in the central Koy Shunka restaurant of the young chef Hideki Matsuhisa. In 2013 he was awarded with his first Michelin star, and the famous Spanish chef Ferrán Adriá stated in an interview that it is one of the best restaurants in Eastern Europe. A truly delicious experience with first choice products and in a refined setting—that is what Barcelona offers you.

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